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Bruce Starr

Hailing from Chicago, Bruce started his career and love affair with the entertainment industry as a writer and editor of the online pop magazine, TeenToday.  Bruce created and ran the publication throughout high school, which coincided with the heyday of pop music.  He was relentless backstage, to meet and then write about his favorite pop stars.  This provided him the opportunity to absorb every detail of marketing campaigns -- from the packaging of press kits to what “ah-ha” would catch his attention and give him a unique angle for each article.   

Moving on to New York and New York University, Bruce landed an internship with Brian Feit at E-magine Records which let him put his hands-on knowledge to work.  The two decided to partner and start BMF Media while Bruce was still a student.  Through an incredible ability to help clients think differently about marketing, Bruce has helped grow BMF into one of the leading mid-sized experiential marketing firms in the industry. 

As partner, Bruce has the critical role of visionary, spotting the next tipping point to bring to clients.  Whether it’s an up-and-coming artist or a new design technique, Bruce has a passion for connecting, crafting, adapting, and uncovering hot new trends for major brands in order to elevate and enhance their consumer value.  An example of this is the Music Lounge concept, a BMF Media mainstay event that was first conceived and executed in 2006 in Bruce’s hometown of Chicago around Lollapalooza.  The Music Lounge, one of BMF’s most successful programs, now has activations at festivals nationwide. 

Bruce’s passion for global travel provides the roots for the global cultural concepts he and his team integrate into much of the work generated by BMF.  From Lady Gaga’s first performance stateside at the 2006 annual Ultra music lounge, to Katy Perry’s grand entrance astride an elephant at Perez Hilton’s birthday party, BMF’s electrifying ideas have helped solidify Bruce and BMF as some of the most innovative thinkers and doers in the industry.  

When he’s not working, Bruce enjoys nothing more than exploring the world and is a self-professed Francophile.  He resides in Manhattan and holds a BS in Mass Media and Globalization from New York University.  

Colin Hofman