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Edward Starr

Edward Starr, Managing Partner of BMF Media Group, a full service experiential marketing agency, is a fervent enthusiast for all things marketing and respected as an industry expert, regularly participating in forums and conferences. Ed, embodies all the characteristics of an influential and effective leader and is infatuated by the challenge of telling the story of a brand. A master of individuality and an instrumental component in developing innovative and disruptive marketing programs, he has pioneered groundbreaking initiatives for brands across all verticals, including Ad Age, Dell, Marriott, Mastercard, Toyota, Hearst, and FX, just to name a few. Every experience he touches keeps people talking, changes perceptions, and overall creates unforgettable moments. He can be found, turning everyday into an adventure and constantly collaborating with his team to seek ways to push the boundaries and refine the landscape of experientialmarketing for brands across the world. Someone once said, ’true success should be measure by how happy you are’, and if we were to measures Ed’s success by his exuberant energy and lively nature, we would proclaim him as the most successful person in the world.

His team of cultural engineers describe him as a motivational leader who is approachable always looking to ideate and encourages forward thinking. Not only does he prioritize establishing authentic connections with brands, he is passionate about doing the same with every single one of his employees as well – from interns to the high-level executives. As one of BMF’s partners, Ed profoundly influences the strategic direction of the company, as well as business development. Passionate, driven, and motivated, his efforts have resulted in a 30-fold revenue increase for the company, as well as growth from 4 to 80+ employees in less than 10 years. Influential people have a profound impact on everyone they counter, and that is exactly what Ed does, he encourages, spreads conversation and inspires everyone around him to explore new ideas and think differently not only about the industry, but life.

Colin Hofman